What are The Different Types of Hosiery and How do They Differ?

types of tights for women

Hosiery is a concept of panties combined with leggings with a stocking or a hose. Often they are made from nylon, which is why they are often called nylons. Recently they are made with a combination of spandex and nylon, making them more resistant to rips and tears.

But there are so many types of pantyhose it can be difficult deciding which styles are best for your needs. Navigating the long list of styles such as opaque, sheer, thigh-highs, toeless, control top, etc. can be a challenge.

Today, we will answer all of your questions about the different types of hosiery and what to wear them with:

Sheer styles

Sheer stockings are transparent and see-through, but because of their delicate material they are prone to runs and rips. These are the most popular style due the fact that they look great under all types of dresses and skirts. Plus there are a variety of tones that can be matched to your skin tone, making them look nearly invisible.

Opaque styles

Often opaque styles are called tights or stockings, due to the fact they are made with a slightly thicker fabric. Tights for women help to keep your legs toasty warm during the colder winter months. Often they are worn under wool skirts. Opaque tights come in a wider variety of colors than sheer stockings. Thicker tights can come in fun colors and textures.


This type of hosiery comes with extra fabric at the toes and normally around the crotch. Look for a cotton-lined gusset for added comfort, especially if you are wearing them commando style. Some nylons use thicker nylon at the leg joint to prevent tears or rips. Reinforced toe styles should be worn with closed-toe shoes, as the extra fabric around the toes is noticeable.


Often made from a sheer style and deigned to be worn with an open-toed shoe. Often this style ends just above the toes and the sandal strap should cover where the stocking ended, giving you a flawless look. Often it comes with an invisible loop that sits on your big toe to hold the tights in place.

Control top styles

This tight is quickly becoming the most popular style of women’s tights, as it comes with a girdle-like panty that holds your tummy in. Control panels help to make a sleeker, streamlined look under your clothing. Avoid wearing control-top hosiery that is too small, as it will create an unwanted bulge, looking like a muffin top.


This type of stockings is designed to stay up on your thigh without a need for a panty or a garter belt to hold them in place. It often is made from opaque fabric and comes in a variety of sexy textures such as fish netting. Looks amazing under a shorter skirt or dress that might allow someone special to get a little peek-a-boo.

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