The Best Plus-Size Bathing Suits for Every Girl’s Pocketbook

Chances are that if you are reading this article, you are looking for a new swimsuit. It is the best time ever, in the history of swimwear, that now women actually have a choice when they need to buy plus-size bathing suits.

Good news, too, is that shapewear designers have added the shapewear swimsuit to their inventory. Fantastic too, is the variety of gorgeous swimwear to choose from. Years ago, a plus-size swimsuit looked like something your mother wouldn’t even be caught dead in.

Another feature is that they are designed to complement your body, accenting your good points and helping hide some of the imperfections. Supportive swimwear doesn’t only leave you looking and feeling absolutely great but the extra confidence adds extra bounce to your step and you look even better. Get out there and enjoy the beach or the pool!

How to choose the best plus-size swimwear for women?

Who better to tell us than other women? What are they saying and what are the most wanted features they are looking for?

We have compiled a list of the most important points that women say they want from their plus-size bathing suits. Overall, they all have the 5 following criteria in mind when they are swimsuit shopping.

  • Tummy-control panels
  • Supportive all over control
  • Shaping and contouring
  • Fashionable designs

Take note, you now have the basic must-haves. And the good news is that there are swimsuits that do offer all of those must-have criteria. Making them the slimming bathing suit champions we are looking for.

So, when we do find our dream tummy control swimwear, what should we double-check for? Check for power mesh front lining, good bra support, shaping in your personal problem areas, effective tummy control, slimming functions, quality fabric and workmanship and finally, make sure it’s the right size and fits and makes you feel spectacular.

Supportive swimwear

What types of shapewear swimwear styles are available?

Have you ever put whip cream on hot chocolate? Turning simplicity into the ultimate indulgence or masterpiece! Designers this year have perfected the shapewear swimsuit and plus-size bathing suits by taking them from mediocre to a complete work or art that is designed to contour to your every curve.

The variety is fabulous and the options endless! OO-LA-LA! Here are some of this year’s best tummy control swimsuits styles that you must have!

Let’s begin with the most popular style – the one-piece bathing suit. For years the variety plus-size bathing suits has only been a one-piece, boring cover-up for older ladies. Now, look at what we can have:

For example, you can buy an absolutely, adorable one-piece, tummy control swimwear, the top being a chevron halter showing some cleavage and the main piece is polka dots. So cute!

Another stunning floral one-piece (with shapewear) swimsuit just is incredibly beautiful. Ta-Da! This suit has all of our basic must haves: Tummy control panels, supportive all over control, shaping and contouring and fashionable designs

Why don’t you consider a sporty one-piece version that is a black main piece outlined by sexy red, accentuating your curves? It comes with tummy control and the eye is drawn to the one strap, off the shoulder look. Slimming function for sure.

Or a beautiful, printed and ruche swimsuit is just so cool. Plus it leaves you looking slimmer and trimmer.

Really? Bikinis? Are you serious: a two-piece bathing suits or Tankinis for plus-size bathing suits? Yes, yes, yes! Tankinis are a wonderful plus-size option as they are very flattering and slimming. A gorgeous, printed wire-free halter tankini top can be paired with plus-size swimsuit bikini bottom.

A ruched, high-waisted bikini bottom slims beautifully and is paired with a supportive halter-top. How about a black halter bikini top paired with black animal print bikini shorts? Secret little shaping and supportive tips making this a winner. Or pair your favourite high-waisted swim bottom with a cute floral top or a cute bikini swim top.

Use color block design with mesh inserts in a fishnet bikini. Again the high-wasted bottoms are flattering and the top is like a sports bra, giving support but still, looking sexy. The style options for plus-size bathing suits are endless; the hard part will be choosing just one swimming suit!

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