Spanx Me Happy! Thanks to James Corden’s love of Spanx, women aren’t the only ones wearing tummy-Tucking briefs!

Female celebrities might not be the only ones flaunting that their flawless style is due to their tummy-tucking undies on the red carpet.

Recently James Corden revealed a little secret while hosting his show, The Late Late Show. He admitted that he squeezes himself into a pair of high waisted tummy-tucking briefs before each show and his New Year’s resolution is to be brave enough to do at least one show without his shapewear.

Spanx, America’s most iconic brand of shapewear, has been selling belly-tucking briefs and shaping tanks for men for the last ten years. More and more shapewear brands have been jumping in on this market, the last few years, even creating pants that give their booty a little lift. However even though sales have been increasing yearly, there hasn’t been much mention of it publically.

Actually, there is quite a large range of styles out there that could rival women’s shapewear selections. Here is a quick summery of some of the most popular styles of men’s shapewear and some of their overall opinions.

Spanx Slim-Waist Trunk

Spanx Slim-Waist-Trunk

Get ready to knock some inches off your midriff without feeling like you are being stuffed into a sausage. Fits like your favorite cotton trunks but with enough compression to shave inches off your gut.

Bob from Boston says: “I don’t feel completely sucked in and I can still breathe – but I definitely wouldn’t want to show them off in the bedroom.

Bslingerie Shapewear Latex Compression Bodysuit


Get ready to say adios to your beer belly and back fat once and for all! Comfortable, supportive and contouring in sizes from M to 6XL, plus slims inches off your tummy instantly. Designed to relieve back pain and correct posture.

Chris from Spokane says: “Looks like a swimsuit that my great grandpa would’ve worn in the 1920’s but it does really hold you in.

LEO Abs Slimming with back support tank


Take 20 minutes off your abdominal workout with this bad baby. Instantly drop up to two sizes when you squeeze into this body hugging vest that is designed to flatten and tone your entire midsection, chest and back.

Alex from Portland: “It’s a learning curve with the zipper avoiding chest hairs but overall a real winner!

LEO Men’s Instant Butt Lift Padded Brief


Don’t like you small butt? Step up your action with this pair of butt-lifting briefs! It comes with a removable padding but even if you don’t wear the pads, the seaming will naturally give you that lift you desire.

Paul from Orlando says: “Looking for a Kim Kardashian butt then don’t look any further. Looks great under jeans!

TAILONG Men’s Waist Trainer Belt


Improve your posture and lose up to three inches instantly while wearing this waist belt. Your beer belly is no match for this waist trainer, as you will train your ab muscles to stay in place without jiggling.

George from Boise says: “Once I got it all hooked up, it really kept my belly strapped in and slim looking.

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