How wear the new bike short trend without looking like a fashion disaster

Thought you saw the last of the bike short trend last year? Well, we are sorry to inform you that this controversial trend isn’t going anywhere and has decided to stay. Since this athleisure trend is going to stick around, we want to talk to you about ways to wear them, without looking like a fashion mishap.

If you recall, a few years ago, we went through the same dilemma with leggings and now they have transformed themselves into one of the favorite go-to wardrobe essentials. But, before we give you some suggestions on how to wear this new trend without looking like a complete idiot, we have to remind you that this trend has nothing to do with, actually cycling.

Here is everything you need to know to look chic while wearing bike shorts.

Choose your ideal length

bike shorts black

Bike shorts are meant to hit just above your knee or a little lower than mid-thigh. A pair of bike shorts that are too short will just look tacky and in poor taste. But if you are a little self-conscience about your knees, you can opt for a pair that hits at your knee.

Choose the correct fabric

sheer bike shorts

Just as with leggings, there is an unwritten rule that you should never, ever wear sheer or see-though fabrics unless you want people to ridicule you. These sheer bike shorts might look fine on the red carpet, but in real life, it just looks tacky.

Remember the dreaded camel toe that we would get if we wore the wrong sized leggings? Biker shorts are often made from thicker fabric, so getting a camel toe is more difficult, unless you are wearing a size too small for your body. So, before you order, make sure you order the correct size.

Choose your style

Street style

office style short

Looking for a hip but causal style for a day of window-shopping or gallery hopping? Then grab a linen blouse and cinch your waist with a belt or scarf to highlight your waistline. Step up your look with a pair of cute but comfy wedges or heels.

Chic style

Chic style shorts

Still not ready to bare it all with a tiny, cropped top? Most of us are not quite there yet, either. Go for a more chic look, then throw on an oversized cozy sweater with your new bike shorts and add a pair of sandals or heels.

A touch of sophistication

sophistication shorts

Scared of revealing too much, then copy Kourtney Kardashian’s sophisticated look by pairing your biker shorts with a peplum denim jack and an adorable little purse with heels.

A splash of sex appeal

Bike Shorts sex appeal

The key to giving a sexy vibe is keeping things simple. Let your hair down and wear a matching top with your bike shorts, such as Kim Kardashian does here. And of course don’t forget to throw on a pair of heels with some smoking hot sunglasses.


Bike Shorts sporty

Trying to check-off your list of errands before hitting the gym for a cross fit workout? Just throw on a matching body-hugging sweater over your workout top and finish off with a pair of squeaky white sneakers.

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