Kylie Jenner is Launching a Line of Nail Care Products Under the Kylie Cosmetics Brand

kylie cosmetics nails care

Kylie Jenner is ready to dominate another beauty category by launching her nail collection line so you can have nails just like the beautiful reality TV star and entrepreneur, Kylie.

The billionaire just filed for trademark rights under her company Kylie Cosmetics Brand. The paperwork stated that she would market a full line of nail care products such as lacquer, polish remover, strengtheners for nail growth, etc. Plus her nail collection will include a variety of artificial nails, including all of the equipment needed to use them.

Most likely you have noticed that Kylie has been posting an unusual amount of Instagram posts with some super adorable faux nails. Some styles envision the 90’s with butterfly embellished acrylics or yellow neon colored nails that switched up the traditional French manicure. More than 4 million people liked her bold and fun nail styles.

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Kylies new business venture actually makes sense because fashionable nails are so a part of her daily beauty routine. Hopefully what we are seeing on her Instagram account is only a preview what we will see for Kylie Cosmetics nail collection.

The young entrepreneur launched her cosmetics line called Kylie Cosmetics in 2015 that only offered two items, her liquid lipstick and liner. Within seconds of being launched, they were sold out. Since then she has been slowly but continuously growing her beauty empire.

In May 22, 2019 she launched her skin care line and on July 22, 2019 she launched her line of summer skin care products. But let’s not forget that “The Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star also launched “Kylie Baby” this May, offering everything you need for decorating your baby’s room.

Kylie launched three coconut-scented skin care products on July 22, 2019. A body scrub, a lotion and sunscreen that can be purchased separately or in a money saving bundle.

The Coconut Body Scrub naturally exfoliates your skin with sugar grains and the pure coconut oil and kiwi seed leaves your skin hydrated. The Coconut Body Lotion gives your skin that satin-like Kardashian glow due to the natural oils such as coconut, sunflower seed, jojoba and Shea butters. The Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil doesn’t only protect your skin from harmful UVA rays but it makes your skin healthier.

We are positive that Kylie and BFF tested them out while vacationing in the Turks and Caicos. We must admit her skin looks more radiant and vibrant than ever. On her Instragram account, she stated, “I wanted to create a line of body products that gave you the feeling of being on vacation.”

But Kylie isn’t going to stop expanding with her cosmetics, skin care and nail collections. She has already announced that in the future she will include her own fragrances and perfumes into her beauty empire. Kylie is an entrepreneur who knows how to listen to her followers and customers by giving them exactly what they want.

I guess we will just have to stay tuned for more new products by the Kardashian Empire.

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