Kim Kardashian – What is her secret for instantly dropping a few sizes?

The entrepreneurial Kim Kardashian has revealed to us her secret to perfectly defining her every curve and instantly dropping a few dress sizes.

A day like any other day when you are organizing your closet and you suddenly come across a dress that you haven’t worn for ages. Since you are feeling pretty good about your body and you have been working out lately, you decide to try it on because it has to fit.

But to your disappointment, that little annoying zipper doesn’t want to do up! Or maybe it doesn’t do up because it is because that “time of the month” is near and you are already bloated and 5 pounds heavier.

kim kardashian solutionwear

Introducing Kimono Solutionwear By Kim

Whatever the reason is that you can’t fit into that dress, Kim Kardashian understands your “shaping” dilemma perfectly. That is way she has just launched her very own personalized line of shapewear called Kimono. Designed to favor all body silhouettes and not an inclusive line for so-called perfect bodies.

Kim knows most of us try to eat right and exercise to show off our best but just like her, we have moments that we just need a little extra help to show off our curves or waistline.

Kimono has a little something for just about everyone, such as tops, Lycia panties or a complete bodysuit that will tone and shape the entire torso. Shapewear designed by a woman who understands what real women look for in shapewear. Plus, it will look completely invisible under your clothes, giving you all of the credit.

In a recent Instagram post, Kim stated that she has been working on creating her shapewear line for the last fifteen years. Her goal is to provide women with body shapers that actually work.

The queen of shapewear posted that she has been frustrated with the intimate shaping market because they didn’t come in her skin tones or styles that actually worked with her outfits. So she started making her own, developing styles that actually gave her the support she needed, versatility and functionality for her wardrobe.

Even though this product has been officially introduced into the market, Kim announced that her shapewear solutions come in sizes XXS to 4XL and in 9 different skin tones. We hope that she launches her new product soon, so we can have a bikini body in record time.

More and more women consider shapewear to be a miracle product, because it doesn’t only make them look better but they feel more confident about their bodies. The advantage to having several different styles of shapewear is that you create the perfect secret weapon in your closet to wear everything in your closet, even that dress with a stubborn zipper that won’t do up.

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