How to master the secrets of Kim Kardashian’s Makeup technique

Kim Kardashian West is one busy lady between show-stopping red carpet appearances and releasing her very own line of makeup and now lingerie. Plus, she is a mommy of two adorable toddlers and in her spare time, she is flying to Tokyo or to some exotic island with her sisters.

We can’t help but ask ourselves: “Where does she get the time to always look so perfectly put together?” She always looks fresh, and alert as if she just had 12-hours of sleep. What is her secret for looking flawless day-after-day?

Thankfully Kim’s longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic has shared with the world, 9 secrets to master Kim’s makeup.

1) Swap your primer for emollient moisturizer

Apply your softening cream allover the face, neck and chest, as this will help your foundation to blend in better. Kim prefers not using a primer as it puts a barrier between her skin and the makeup, causing it not to stay where it should.

2) Apply your foundation just about everywhere

Well, just about everywhere that won’t be covered up with clothes. Often we apply foundation to only our face but forget about our ears, neck and chest, which often can have an uneven skin tone or shinny. One of Kim’s biggest secrets is applying foundation on her ears because they often look red in pictures.

3) Have steady hand with powder puff

Market artists often use this trade secret backstage at fashion shows worldwide to steady their hand while applying eyeliner or mascara. Loop your hand through the powder puff’s handle, so it sits on your inner palm and now press against your eye to apply the eyeliner. You will have better balance, plus you won’t smudge your already applied foundation.

4) Create an ombre effect on your brows

Have you ever observed Kim’s brows? They lighten the closer they draw towards the nose, giving her a softer, sweeter look. Get this look by using a lighter color brow liner towards the center and a darker tone towards the tips.

5) Creams first

Kim avoids adding an eye primer and using eye cream to help hold her eye shadow in place during the day. Applying your shadow on top of the cream helps to make your eyes pop and the colors more intense. So, rule of thumb, cream comes first and powders after.

6) Use three or more eyeliners

Here comes the secret to Kim’s smoky eyes, she doesn’t just use one eyeliner like most of us do. But she uses three or four different layers of eyeliners, using a combination of liquid and cream liners to add definition.

7) Say adios to your dark circles

Even though we have never seen Kim look like she has dark, baggy circles under her eyes, she swears that she has learned how to conceal them very well.

Here’s her secret: Apply a thick layer of concealer under your eyes and blend in, using a triangular sponge, blending outwards towards your nose and temples. Once, completely blended in, then cake the same sponge in powdered foundation and allow to sit a few minutes and brush off the excess.

8) Amp those lashes

Kim does not believe in lash extensions, but pumps up her lashes by wiggling on a couple coats of mascara from the roots up and carefully separating them with an eyebrow comb.

9) Final glow

The final touch comes from a warm splash of color of blush that is directly applied to her temples and blended outwards.

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