How to Detoxifying: Infusions

We already know that water is a source of life and an ancestral method to eliminate impurities from the body, both externally and internally.

Naturists have accepted water as one of the fundamental elements in natural medicine. And in addition to all kinds of baths, saunas and steam, we recommend that, to purify our body, we drink about three liters of mineral water a day.

Within a fasting diet, it is also recommended to enhance the hydration provided by water with phytotherapy. Phytotherapy is the alternative medicine that works to prevent, palliate and heal innumerable ailments through the use of plants, whether in infusion, decoction, poultices, tinctures, baths, etc…

There are numerous plants that favour the detoxification of the organism, are depurative plants that affect our body, facilitating the elimination of toxins and other impurities that are evacuated through sweating and urine.

Among all the infusions we have available, we recommend rosemary, thyme, chamomile, camomile, sarsaparilla, mallow, borage, St. John’s wort, hawthorn, sage and vegetable. The above-mentioned infusions should be prepared by boiling a bowl of water.

After putting out the fire, add a spoonful of any of these plants to the water. Once this operation is done I will leave.

We leave the saucepan covered and, after five minutes, we can strain it and take the infusion without sugar.

If the taste is very bitter, we can sweeten the infusion with a little honey. It may also happen that we feel like the flavor resulting from mixing several herbs. In this case, the total number of tablespoons must not exceed one tablespoon.

Detoxification with Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Starting a semi-fast with a mixed diet of fruit and vegetable juices will help us to cleanse the body naturally, giving our digestive system a deserved rest and at the same time providing us with good nutrition.

If we decide to make a semi-fast consisting of a liquid diet of fruits and vegetables, in either case should be homemade. Those that we can prepare at home, in comparison to the packaged ones, have the advantage of having more nutrients and natural vitamins, besides not containing any type of additives, preservatives, colorants, condiments or sugars.

Fruit juices have a greater detoxifying effect, especially those made with citrus fruits, and vegetables are, in addition to being softer, excellent restorative tonics.

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