Fashion Battle for Lingerie: Rihanna and Kim Kardashian do it again

Rihanna Vs Kim Kardashian again

After succeeding in fashion at the hands of Puma x Fenty and taking the beauty industry by storm with Fenty Beauty, Rihanna will launch her own line of lingerie on May 11,’Savage x Fenty’, which will follow the maxims of its make-up products in its commitment to diversity. This is made clear by the teaser with which some details of the collection are revealed. In the spot, the large-carved model Audrey Ritchie boasts curves adorned with a sensual design by the Barbados singer. The size of the designs will be really wide and their followers have already been able to enjoy some advances in the collection thanks to the Instagram by Rihanna.

Another of the models that have worn her designs is the Lulu B large size top, which states that Rihanna’s lingerie is “delicate, sexy, dangerous, intimidating and hot”. It is hoped that the tops that present their creations will have all kinds of silhouettes, as the Spanish model Marina Ontanaya explained in her stories that she is also part of the ‘Rihanna team’. “I wear lingerie just for myself, to be honest, I don’t wear it for anyone else because when I look in the mirror I feel more comfortable, more confident, sexier…”, she explained. The Stella Duval and Sahara Lin models are other models of the campaign, which has been warmly welcomed because it does not hide stretch marks, cellulite or flabby lines. Rihanna has been one of the celebrities who has fought hardest to present different silhouettes and to put an end to the limited canons of fashion, and she has done so not only with her collections but also with her own images. When many made fun of her weight, the singer countered in her nets by making it clear that she loves her body above all sizes and limitations.

While Rihanna prepares her most intimate collection, Kim Kardashian plans a counterattack to match. The singer and Kim are the two most successful celebrities in the world of makeup thanks to their respective companies, and Kim is not willing to let anyone take her throne in any field. For this reason, she is immersed in the creation of her own line of lingerie and shapewear together with the team in charge of creating Khloé Kardashian’s successful brand, Good American. The American is also working with Frame and Mr. Porter, so the launch is expected to enjoy overwhelming distribution.

No wonder Kim plans to dominate the world of lingerie and hosiery as well, as it is common to see her pose in her underwear and even leave it on display in her street looks. Not only does Kim not hide her love for Spanx girdles, but she also gives tips on how to wear them on a daily basis on her website. “I’m wearing two girdles of the same length. I try never to wear designs of different lengths to prevent the seams from showing”, he explained. From her extensive experience with slim lingerie, it is hoped that Kardashian’s girdle and underwear designs will capture her apprenticeship and meet the requirements of underwear lovers.

Kim’s new fashion adventure will see the light of day in late 2018, although it wasn’t the first time the Kardashians had been in the lingerie business, as they launched The Kardashian Kollection with Sears, a collection that closed its doors three years ago. Its launch was not without controversy, as the Photoshop with which the promotional images were treated caught the attention of its followers, who stressed the fact that Khloé Kardashian, who was then the sister with the greatest weight, always appeared dressed in kaftans – in the fashion collections of swimwear – or bodies, thus hiding her silhouette.

Kim Kardashian’s lingerie project claims to be aimed at all types of women, so it is to be hoped that as with the’Savage x Fenty’ campaigns and designs, the collection will feature models of different silhouettes and their designs will be available in a wide variety of sizes. After the closure of the Dash stores, Kim plans to continue in the fashion industry starting with her most intimate project.

One can only hope to find out if Rihanna and Kim are achieving the success that model Rosie Huntington is reaping with her lingerie adventures from the hand of her acclaimed collections for Marks & Spencer.

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