Enhance mind iq reviews you need to read

It is known that each person is born with a determined IQ, but over time, researchers have obtained enhance mind iq reviews, many have raised the fact that it is possible to increase the IQ of each person. It is important to mention that William Stern first used the term “Intellectual Quotient”, the famous and controversial “CI”. This concept emerged as an attempt to measure human intelligence through different standardized tests and thus to place each individual in a determined position compared to the population.enhance mind iq reviews

There have been numerous researchers who have devoted themselves to studying the concepts of intelligence and enhance mind iq reviews as is the case of psychologist Charles Spearman 1904 who argued that general intelligence would have a high hereditary component and would therefore be fairly stable over time. However, later in 1983 the scientist Howard Gardner published his book “Frames of Mind”, where he expounded his theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner defined up to eight different types of intelligence, ranging from logical-mathematical or linguistic, more classical, to musical, interpersonal, or naturalistic intelligence. According to the author, intelligence is more than academic achievement, and defines it as the ability to solve problems and create products of value and Howard stated that it is possible to increase the intelligence of each person and even develop some of these multiple intelligence.

It is possible to increase intelligence

According to Gardner’s theory, it is possible to increase the intelligence of each individual, to improve our mental abilities and to develop and to work the multiple intelligences so that to get our intellect to improve in a gratifying way it is fundamental to consider to change some of the habits That we practice now, which do not help us positively for the growth of the same but according to the enhance mind iq reviews raised by psychologists it is necessary both to change our habits and to exercise our brain.

Habits and exercise to increase our IQ

According to studies and Enhance mind iq reviews, there is a great variety of habits and exercises that you can perform with the purpose of enhance mind iq such as:

– Doing exercises: A large number of studies have shown that exercising helps you increase your IQ, by exercising your body pumps more blood and the nutrients get better to your brain since the increase in cardiovascular fitness was associated with better Cognitive scores and also the people who exercise have greater coordination.

-Games: There are certain games that allow your brain to exercise, for example Scrabble, also according to various studies there is a great variety of video game that can help you increase your IQ

  • Taking supplements: Taking supplements can stimulate your brain and provide the necessary nutrients for the correct functioning, in the market there is a great variety of products that can help you, but one of the most recommended and best acting is Brain Plus IQ.
  • Read and write: It has been shown that people who read and write frequently other than increase their knowledge, manage to increase Iq.
  • Have a correct diet: Good nutrition is essential for the proper functioning of the brain; Vegetable consumption is recommended
  • Sleep Enough: Sleep is necessary, according to studies the brain needs a proper rest so it is recommended to sleep 8 hours a day
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