Body Pump: Muscle Training plus Aerobic Work

Do you gain muscle or burn fat? It may not be a transcendental issue, but for people who want to get fit, it is almost a daily question when we have to decide how to use the little time we have available to dedicate it to a sports activity so that the exercise performed complies with all our goals.

Some friends recommend that we crush in the weight room and others that we do not stop sweating running on the treadmill or with a good rhythm on the static bike or the elliptical. And if we do not have it so clear … Why do we have to choose? The body pump may be the answer you are looking for.

What is the Body Pump?

Precisely with the idea of joining both types of exercise was born in the late twentieth century in Australia the body pump, a sport that combines the anaerobic exercise of lifting weights with more aerobic rhythms, typical of an aerobics class or step. Its creators, the fitness chain Les Mills, devised a program that combined both activities in one-hour classes, with what people who were encouraged – and still do in the many gyms that already offer it – could cover a range ore complete physical exercise without having to choose only one type of activity for lack of time or desire.

Also, people who get bored with the classic repetitions of the weight-training tables, or feel a bit intimidated in those areas of the gym with muscles that lift almost impossible weights, find in the body pump the alternative to tone their muscles without complexes. Since, although it is a common class, each one chooses the weight that he raises according to his capacity and his physical condition.

Among the main benefits of practicing this exciting activity include the improvement of strength and strength, higher definition and general muscle tone, and an increase in bone density.

The classes usually oscillate between 30, 45 or 55 minutes, and among the materials most used for their performance are the disks, the bars and the step adjustable in height. The idea is to do between two or three classes per week, taking into account that it is essential to give the body at least one day of rest between one session and another. Its keys are many repetitions, little weight, and infectious music. An excellent option to enjoy while you get fit!

What is the body pump?

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