Blue Light’s effect on our skin

Look anywhere, and what do you see? We see people everywhere glued to their cell phones.

Doctors are finding their waiting rooms full of younger and younger people with various skin issues, which are being blamed on “Blue Light”. Have you heard of this and wondered what it is and how it might affect your skin?

blue light skin

What it is blue light and how can it harm your skin?

Simply put, blue light is a range of light with high energy that you can see. It is also known as HEVL=High Energy Visible Light.

Blue light is flooding our world. It has been dubbed as the modern day indoor light pollution. But where is it coming from?

1. Cell phones
2. Tablets or iPads
3. TV’s
4. Computers or Laptops
5. LED Lighting

How does this affect our skin?

It can cause skin to age prematurely and can cause long term aging

So, basically, we are making our skin old before its time. This is not good.

Let’s be honest, what is almost the first thing we all do in the morning?
Even before the first sip of coffee, most of us have checked our Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Messages, WhatsApp or our email accounts.

Then, after a few more sips of coffee, its time to check the news then double check to see if anyone has tried to reach us since we last checked.

Then, as we get ready for our day, our phone or iPad are right with us, just in case someone needs to contact us.

As we drive, our cell phone is right there, keeping us connected. Work usually includes some serious screen time. We all know we have allowed screen time to take over, almost, our whole day.

The exposure is actually scary. Sad to say, our skin is being inundated with blue light pollution.
What can we do to save our skin?

  • Cut down on the exposure time
  • Develop a skin care program to fight aging
  • Don’t hold your phone, but, use the speaker and view it at arm’s length
  • Don’t squint into your phone-it will actually change your face shape!
  • Turn your screen over to night shift and disable blue light
  • Don’t spend too much time in close proximity to your device
  • Cover your phone and iPad with a blue light screen shield

Conclusive evidence is that the more time we expose ourselves to the damaging effects from blue light, the more damage to our skin, we will incur. We all want to stay and look as young as we can, so why would we endanger ourselves by exposing our skin for hours daily and think that it won’t harm us?

Some helpful suggestions to protect your skin

Use a blue light blocker to protect your skin from the effects of Blue Light. This can be available in the form of glasses or a screen developed to filter Blue Light.

Totally, a good idea is to go out and buy a really good moisturizer for your skin and use it diligently! Look for an antioxidant that repairs damage to the DNA, and specializes in blue light damage reduction. Also, Vitamin C is very important to help repair skin damage.

One of our basic, innermost desires is to keep being young. Yes-really! We all crave that beautiful, glowing healthy look of a young person before the wrinkles set in.

But, here, now we are faced with generations of young people addicted to their electronic gear, which is emitting dangerous blue light that is robbing them silently of their youth!

Perhaps, you are one of them. Rescue and protect yourself while you can.

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