Ashley Alexiss flaunts her killer curves in a snug-fitting mini dress

Ashley Alexiss model

Ashley Alexiss has been setting fire to her Instagram account @ashalexiss with one killer post of herself after another.

The gorgeous American plus-size model is determined to show the world that beauty is not defined by size. She is known for sharing sizzling hot snapshots of herself wearing anything that accentuates her voluptuous figure. Often her posts are quite steamy and sexy as she models in some skimpy piece of black lingerie but her latest picture showed us a more mellow side of Ashley, we don’t see enough of.

Alexiss perfectly embodied today’s style with her recent post on her social media accounts, showing us anyone can pull off this year’s hottest trend – the urban babe. She looked flirtatious in her snug-fitting olive green mini dress with protruding snooped neckline by Fashion Nova.

We must admit the olive toned dress perfectly complemented her sun-kissed skin tone and her goldilocks. She let her golden tresses tease the beholder by covering part of her exposed chest. She did not fail us by putting her shiny hair up, and stayed faithful to her traditional style of wavy hair.

The min dress couldn’t be shorter, designed to hit right at the thigh leaving little to the imagination. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is no stranger to flaunting her beautiful curves. She toned down the look by wearing it with a long, oversized white cardigan sweater that perfectly contrasted the olive dress.

But Alexiss showed off a fun, playful side of her personality by wearing a pair of black heart-shaped sunglasses. We loved how her shade’s lenses had an ombre effect, giving her an almost mysterious attitude. We are so happy she shared in her post where she got her sunglasses at Fashion Nova, because we definitely want a pair for spring/summer 2020.

As to her makeup, due to her oversized sunglasses, we couldn’t check out her eye makeup but we are positive it was flawless like always. However, she showed a vintage glam-lip by using an ever so-soft pale pink matte lipstick, of which only highlighted her voluptuous lips.

Even though she was wearing a red-hot ensemble, Ashley still looked sophisticated as she stared the camera down mid-pose. In the post, she is standing facing a gated window, slightly turned toward the camera as she grasped the metal bars.

Part of the model’s success is due to her flirty attitude and sultry style. She has mastered the art of looking sexy and provocative in a nonchalant way, spending off some seriously dangerous femme vibes.

Ashley Alexiss is known for her bubbly personality and wrote a playful post under her picture, basically telling fans and followers there is no need to take ourselves, too seriously, just have fun and enjoy your life.

She also labeled herself as partner with the popular online retailer, Fashion Nova. It seems she made the right choice because her followers applauded her with more than 20,000 likes and close to 200 comments.

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