8 Factors that Influence the Consumer in Buying Online

consumer online

Being able to go shopping without taking off your pajamas or being able to buy a birthday present while getting ready at the hair dresser salon are some of the buzz that online shopping offers.

Apart from ease access and convenience, there are other factors that the consumer takes into account when buying online. A recent study shows that for 50% of consumers, better pricing is the gimmick for e-commerce.

For 33% of people, however, saving time is the big advantage of electronic purchases, and yet 27% say that the ability to compare competing brand products is what drives them to buy over the internet. User-friendly site, quality and exchanges without bureaucracy are a few more examples that can win over the e-consumer or scare him to the competitor.

www.ijoobi.com has created a system to deliver goods when you shop online, following a dynamic flow to guarantee the best service. You will find everything you want on one-stop shop:

1 Free shipping

It is at the top of the list of preferred benefits of e-consumers. According to research by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 74% of consumers claim that “free shipping” is an influence factor when deciding whether to buy online. Choose what you want and rest assured that it will be free delivered to your front door.

2 Hassle free returns and exchanges

Waiting a whole month for the return of a virtual store that took the product for exchange and has not yet made the replacement, does not work for anyone! According to data published by e-Bit Consulting, 47% of consumers started to buy less over the internet because of the complication in exchanges and returns.

3 Product Reviews

A friendly opinion, or not even so friendly, also counts when closing the deal. Data from an e-commerce survey show that more than 49% of people are looking for product information before making a purchase. All items are reviewed at www.ijoobi.com for your assurance when buying an article. There is a system which allows the customer to give their opinion. And more than that, encourage customers to comment.

4 Efficient search field

Do you know when you are looking for something in the mess of your room and you do not think you ever are going to find, and end up forgetting about? Yes, this same “laziness” can affect the customer who tries to look for a product and cannot find it on the site.

5 Intuitive navigation

A well-planned layout and effective navigation can help increase the impact and feeling of quality and services at www.ijoobi.com.

6 Assorted Stock

They offer a good variety of products. Browse through the entire site and find detailed information on each article. Just like in a physical store, the customer tries dozens of dresses until choosing what fits best; in e-commerce you can also have the same options.

7 News releases

In addition to being well aware of the market trends, www.ijoobi.com constantly renew and update the product mix. As soon as a release comes to the market, it is already available on the site.

8 Payment and conditions

Whenever a person acquires something over the internet and uses a credit card to do so, they have to supply personal details. The site guarantees that every data is encrypted and kept under strict security. The transaction is full proof and 100% safe, with official seals of approval.

With these guidelines set, www.ijoobi.com has come up into the market with the aim of achieving excellence, selling the latest on hair curling system and also muscle electric stimulation device. Visit the site and let yourself be pleasantly surprised!

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