7 new swimsuit brands for 2019

The one-piece swimsuits dominated the beach scene last year and this flattering look is here to stay for this year. We have searched this year’s swimwear trends for the best swimsuits for women, bikinis and tankinis to be seen this summer.

2018 swimwear is definitely about showing off your skin, even though one-pieces are this year’s biggest trend they are of the sexier variety, with high-cut legs and revealing cutouts.

Tassels seemed to stay afloat from last year but expect to see a new look with suspenders combined with a more modest bikini. String bikinis are making a comeback by making tankinis sultrier. One look that everyone loves is the high-waisted bikini bottom that looks fantastic on everyone.

Swimwear represents more than just sun tanning and swimming. It is the essence of a time when we can leave our work and worries behind, enjoying a break from our dreary, every-day lives.

Are you ready to spice up your swimwear style? Then it’s time to check out this year’s top swimsuit brands that offer you the best of this year’s new trends and styles. Keep scrolling for some great new finds!

1- Alix

Alix swimsuit lookbook

These body flattering one-pieces to bikinis are designed to maximize comfort without sacrificing style. Their timeless designs will be trendy this year and many years to come.

Alix’s swimwear line carries their bodywear concept to the beach with curve flattering one-pieces and bikini’s that pop with Crayola colors. From high-waisted bikini bottoms to body-hugging one shouldered one-piece you will be in love.

Image: lookbook alixnyc.com

2- Miraclesuit

Miraclesuit swimsuits

Miraclesuit’s all-over slimming, miracle wear will be your life-changer and make you actually want to wear a bathing suit. Plus-size swimwear that doesn’t look like something your grandmother would wear.

Be prepared to feel and look amazing in one these stylish swimsuits with modern patterns and designs and slim lined one-pieces. Feel secure with the tummy control compression while drinking that martini by the pool.

Image: instagram.com/miraclesuitswim/

3- 437 swimwear

437 swimwear

Curve hugging swimwear designed with your curves in mind, thanks to it’s seamless design that will flatter your every curve. This Australian company 437swimwear.com knows the importance of beachwear being sexy and functional.

You will be obsessed with their high-cut design that sits high above your hips to elongate your legs and enhance your waist, giving you an hourglass figure. If you are looking for an extra flirty bikini or swimsuit, then look no further.

Image: instagram.com/437swimwear/

4- PilyQ

PILYQ swimsuits

You will be ready to chase the sun with their fabulous styles inspired by desert dreams and palm lined streets. Say hello to swimwear that is stylish enough for the resort or the cabana, without compromising performance while paying volleyball on the beach with friends or chasing your kids on the beach.

In pilyq.com, an ultra feminine line of swimwear that is inspired by women who want to feel confident in what they wear. Expect to see bold prints and patterns with modest string bikinis and unique body flattering one-pieces with cutouts.

Image: lookbook pilyq.com

5- Tavik

Tavik swimsuits

Revamp your swimwear style with their one-piece swimsuit with bold color-blocked detailing and deep V-front for a look that’s sure to turn up the heat on the beach. Known for redesigning and redefining modern styles with beach comfort and utility.

Some of the outstanding styles of Tavik this year can be observed with their crisscrossed straps that add instant flare to a one-piece. Keep you holiday spirit alive, year round with a Tavik bathing suit.

Image: tavik.com

6- Bandits Swimwear

Bandits Swimwear

2018 is an exciting year that just got hotter with Bandits’ good vibes swimwear collection, combining this year’s biggest fashion trends, such as vintage, disco glam and luscious metallic fabrics into swimwear.

Rock the beach scene with their ribbed spandex, stripped meshes and bold colors swimwear. Say hello to Bandits Swimwear that are actually fashion trendy and stylish and not something out of the old Sear’s catalog.

Image: instagram.com/banditsswimwear/

7- Seafolly

plus size bathing suits

Seafolly knows the importance of high-quality swimwear that will stay put while performing all types of beach activities, such as beach volleyball or surfing or chasing your hyperactive kid around the pool, but without compromising style and fashion.

Bikini hipsters with added tummy compression will leave you feeling secure. You will look fantastic with their subtle but bold designs and patterns that hold their color even in the sun. Be the beach goddess you have hiding away in your soul, with one of their body hugging one-pieces with a plunging neckline.

Image: instagram.com/seafollyaustralia/

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