6 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

haircare during summertime

Hot temperature and extreme humidity are the main enemies of hair in summer.

Whether it’s a weekend break or a cross-country trip this summer, it’s important to keep your hair healthy and protected. Because you’ll never know who and what you’ll meet during the holidays.

In this article we bring together the six summer hair care tips that every outdoor lover needs to know.

1- Use summer hair care products with natural UV protection.

If there’s anything worse than using products with unnecessary chemical ingredients, you’re using them in conjunction with the summer sun. The summer heat tends to leave the pores of the skin and scalp open, allowing for greater absorption of ingredients in hair products, so make sure your hair and body are absorbing good ingredients.

Biodynamic green anise is an all-natural ultraviolet protector that is ideal for preventing discolouration and dryness of colour. Green anise also acts as a filter, which helps to eliminate cancer-causing free radicals.

We suggest switching to a shampoo and conditioner with added UV protection

2- Wear a hat or a scarf for your hair

Another important advice for summer hair care is to choose a hat, a scarf or both. Hats and headscarves not only provide greater protection against ultraviolet rays, but also help hair retain moisture, a major problem for summer hair care.

Healthy hair begins on the scalp.

Wearing a hat or headscarf also gives the scalp greater protection against UV rays that may be difficult to obtain from summer hair care products alone. Because the scalp regulates sebum (the natural oils in your hair), it is very important to make sure your scalp is properly protected.

Damaged scalp can leave hair inadequately nourished in the coming months

Hair scarves also act as a hair damage control. They keep their hair in place during visits to the beach, where the sea wind can cause terrible tangles (which they will no doubt brush vigorously on their way to their next summer activity, causing further damage and breakage).

Let’s not forget to mention that there are several ways to wear scarves, so you should never run out of ways to protect your hair and scalp, all while wearing a fabulous summer style.

3- Use hair in braids and soft arrangements

The heat and humidity of summer require soft, elegant trimmings and braids. We know everyone loves sock bows, but wearing your hair tight and tall can cause incredible damage during the summer months, when hair tends to frizz and dry out.

Gentle braiding and repairs will prevent hair from being exposed to UV rays and add another layer of protection to the scalp. Don’t worry about them being perfect: the relaxed nature of these summer hairstyles will embrace the natural elements of summer and look fabulous.

4- Wash the hair immediately after exposure.

Whether it’s after a nice dip in the pool or a long day at the beach, it’s a good idea to wash your hair immediately after exposure. This will remove additional UV damage and remove any impurities that may remain in the hair. However, when we say wash our hair, we do not necessarily mean shampooing.

It is more than acceptable to reduce the use of shampoo daily in warm weather. In fact, it is recommended.

Reducing shampooing will allow your scalp’s oil production to rebalance, which is especially important for moisture during summer weather.

After a trip to the beach, first rinse your hair in the shower, then massage your scalp. A good 30-second scalp massage will exfoliate old cells, increase scalp circulation to promote hair growth and help eliminate any build-up.

Then, try to gently move your hair’s natural oils from the scalp to the midaxis and ends.

5- Removes chlorine from the hair before going to the pool

Daily exposure to chlorinated pools can be very harmful to your hair. Although it can happen to anyone, men and women with natural blonde or color tones are prone to chlorine damage and discoloration.

Here’s our little secret summer hair care tip: add moisture to your hair before you jump in the pool!

Think of your hair as a sponge, ready to absorb the water it finds in its path.

If you put a dry sponge in the pool, it will absorb more chemicals than a wet sponge, which has already been saturated in water.

Use an organic shampoo.

Having said this, moisten your hair and/or put on a leave-in conditioner before going to the pool. If you don’t have a leave-in conditioner, you can also use a regular conditioner.

If you are a frequent swimmer or have very blonde hair, we suggest you go further with your summer hair care and invest in a shampoo that cleanses the hair of impurities and eliminates copper tones.

6- Deep conditioning treatments

Summer hair ailments such as dryness and split ends can be helped by including deep conditioning treatments in your summer hair routine.

Before setting your hair routine and choosing the “best” summer hair care products, you should first determine their type and texture.

Choosing a hair product without knowing your hair type is like buying a pair of shoes without knowing the size of your foot; it can be very harmful.

To help determine the texture of your hair and what you need to care for it in the summer, ask your stylist to do a wet stretch test. This test will allow you to make appropriate summer hair care recommendations for your hair type.

Making the right hair care decisions can improve your beauty inside and out. These summer hair care tips will help you feel safe during the tough summer months with healthy, shiny hair.

And you… How do you care for your hair?

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