4 Fitness Tips That Might Surprise You

fitness tips for your daily routine

Today we bring you some tips about fitness that may surprise you, all of them are famous coaches of famous people. As you can see, they refer to both muscle mass gain or weight loss, and injury prevention or proper execution techniques. So without further ado, we leave you with the following tips:

Stop praying on the plank. There are many people who tend to hug their hands when they make the front plank, Teddy Bass tells us. That way of holding hands comes the “praying” of the title. The reason why we should not do this is because with our hands like this, we tend to round the back and bend our shoulders when we have to remain open and flat.

Add weight to abdominal exercises. The secret to the abdominals of celebrities, according to Gunnar Peterson, is to work on them constantly, from different planes of movement and adding weight to their work. With this extra resistance, your workouts will be more difficult and effective.

Take 10,000 steps a day. For Harley Pasternak, you not only have to be active during our gym work, but you have to be active all day. That’s why he advises his clients to take about 10,000 steps throughout the day. Everything is intended to add up, from climbing the stairs when running errands to parking the car further away.

5 kilometers or 30 minutes every day. Finally, Pilates coach Kit Rich urges us to run, walk or hike for 30 minutes a day or about five kilometers a day. According to Rich, this is what allowed him to lose weight and stabilize, avoiding fluctuations in diets.

As useful as they are varied, this is the advice we have proposed for today, and that will surely serve to enrich your workouts or lose weight in a healthy way. Do you dare to put these tips into practice.

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