Marijuana and erectile Dysfuction, Are they related?

Men and women have sought resources that allow them to increase their sexual pleasure, and have resorted to plants, food, and of course, to natural or synthetic substances such as drugs; The reason they have used these substances is the desire to experience different sensations and emotions. When we refer to marijuana we refer to the plant known as Cannabis which has a great variety of substances of which some may be harmful to the health of the human being. But others can be beneficial having use in the field of Medicine among the substances that should not be consumed is THC which is considered a psychoactive that has harmful effects to health and the one that can be found in most cannabis, some people think that Marijuana and erectile Dysfuction are linked.

marijuana usage and erectile dysfunction

About Marijuana and erectile dysfunction

People who consumed cannabis claim that it can induce sociability as well as withdrawal; In any way, it can generate the sensation of increase of the visual and auditory perception, depending on the variety and even of the plant in concrete entered to the organism.

Sexually, the increase of sensory perceptions along with the disinhibition, change the characteristics of the different phases of the sexual response. Sometimes this plays in favor of the intensity of sexual pleasure, the person feels more free of taboos, is without limits, enhanced the senses. But at other times sexual dysfunctions appear induced by substances: in man characteristically causes delayed or slow ejaculation, reaching cases in which Marijuana and erectile Dysfuction is observed. This is the reason why it is more advisable in the case of the man if he wants to increase the Levels and have better ejaculations using supplement that have been shown to have excellent effects like Testoultra, on

Another option of natural testosterone supplements for men is RX24, is a natural product that can help in a healthy way.


Marijuana is used as a recreational drug, either from personal experience or from having heard people say that marijuana increases sexual sense and desire but recent studies have concluded that frequent use of cannabis could actually end up being a cause of erectile dysfunction among Male smokers. As is the case published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Shamoul found in his research that the penis contains receptors for an active ingredient in marijuana, suggesting that young men should think about long-term effects Which has smoking a marijuana cigar. Since according to study THC has negative effects on the penis muscle, laboratory studies suggest that THC has an inhibitory effect on these tissues, which end up forming 70% – 80% of the penis .. the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University in Canada found that erectile dysfunction was twice as common in marijuana smokers.

For all the above, the studies recommend avoiding the use of marijuana for recreational purposes or for sexual pleasure since in its state of plant can have substances that are harmful to health. If you want to have a sex life more pleasurable we recommend the use of other substances, such as supplements that are a healthier alternative like Rx24.

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